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Our Services

Why choose Products From Us

LSPL is a one-stop destination for supplying and installing closed-circuit cameras to your place within your range. Our security equipment will help you to maintain a high-level of security in your home, office, and workplace, even when you are not available at that place. We provide you the products and services that include home automation and a full access to the control systems with the help of our qualified experts.

We at LSPL don’t just sell LED Lighting, we provide energy efficient saving solutions that save your money and help save the planet.We are not leased lighting. We provide Light as a Service(LaaS). This means we are responsible for your lighting performance throughout the contract term. No small print, just better lighting.


High Security

LSPL high security solutions deliver fully integrated perimeter security, access control, and intruder alarms management from one centralized platform. Our high security solutions are in use at sensitive and critical sites, from utilities and civil infrastructure, to corrections and defense facilities.

Full Device Protection

Device protection means that all of your internet-connected devices contain software that monitors, manages, and protects them from malicious activity, automatically, preemptively, and in real-time.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring and control systems are designed to control large or complex facilities such as factories, power plants, network operations centers, airports, and spacecraft, with some degree of automation. M&C systems may receive data from sensors, telemetry streams, user inputs, and pre-programmed procedures.

Full Backup of Information

A full backup is the process of making at least one additional copy of all data files that an organization wishes to protect in a single backup operation. The files that are duplicated during the full backup process are designated beforehand by a backup administrator or other data protection specialist.